We Buy Houses on Terms and We Pay Cash.  We can do a mix of both.  We offer 5 Different Options to help you.    

Option 1: ALL CASH with DISCOUNT


If were paying all cash than we MUST buy the property at a discount of atleast 30% or more because there are several expenses accompanied with buying and selling a house such as marketing cost, repairs, insurance, agent fees, holding cost, closing cost, transfer fees, title fees, attorney fees, utilities and several other fees.  Paying all cash takes away from our lending power of buying and selling houses.  Another reason why we have to buy it at such a large discount is because there’s NO Guarantee that the house is going to sell once we put it back on the market.  We’re the ones taking on all of the financial risk.  

Example A: 

Your house is worth $100K ARV and doesn’t need ANY repairs.  So that’s ($100,000 – $0 Repairs) = $100,000 * 70% ARV = $70,000 Max Offer ALL CASH

Example B: 

Your house is worth $100K ARV and needs $20K in repairs.  So that’s ($100,000 – $20,000 Repairs) = $80,000 * 70% ARV = $56,000 Max Offer ALL CASH

Option 2: Owner still owes mortgage + Low Equity

If you still have a mortgage with Less than 40% Equity in your home.  We will take over the payments until we either pay it off completely or sell the house.  We make all of the repairs and renovations.   

​We buy your house “Subject To” the existing loan.  Buying your house “Subject To” is completely legal and ethical.  It’s an old method of transferring ownership of a property which is still used today.  It’s on every HUD form to buy a house on line 203 and line 503.  If you have any questions about how it works just contact your local HUD office.

It doesn’t require any credit, banks, or realtors because the original loan stays in place.  Lenders are in business to collect payments on loans. They are not in business to take over properties… especially on good performing assets.  Lenders have credit scores just like you and I. Their credit is damaged if they have a foreclosure on their books. If they get too many foreclosures, they will not be able to make loans.  Making loans is how banks make money.  They do NOT want your house back… especially in these tough times.  As long as their getting paid they don’t care who makes the payments. 

Option 3: Owner still owes mortgage + High Equity

If you still have a mortgage with more than 40% Equity in your home we’ll take over your payments subject to the existing loan and buy it using a wrap around mortgage and pay you some of the equity.

Option 4: Owner has NO Mortgage + OWNS FREEE & CLEAR


If you don’t have a mortgage and you own your property Free & Clear.  We’ll buy your house on terms using a “Lease Option Agreement”.  You’ll get your Full Asking Price providing that the Market Value appraises for that amount minus repairs.

What we do is we place one of our pre-screened tenant buyers in the house and have them work with a mortgage broker to get them qualified for a conventional loan.  About 80% of our buyers usually get qualified for a loan after about 12-18months of working with our broker.   We ask that were allowed 3yrs to exercise our option to Buy while our buyer fixes their credit issues.  We also ask that the full amount of the Option Fee and the monthly payments be applied towards the purchase price.

  • We’ll pay you a Non-Refundable Option Consideration Fee.
  • As the principal and direct Buyer we will maintain the Lease and maintain the upkeep of the property for the duration of the lease and option period.
  • Monthly mortgage payments will be paid on time each month and we request that we receive a copy of the monthly mortgage statement for our records.
  • Our buyers are very motivated and not terribly picky about the houses because they just want to own a home.  We pre-screen our buyers so we will know exactly how long it will take for them to get qualified because we don’t want to carry any long term mortgages either.  We Don’t want to be landlords.
  • We buy in “As Is” condition as long as the condition is reasonable.
  • You won’t have to pay for any (1.) Repairs, (2.) Realtor costs or (3.) Closing Costs.  These are all of the things you have to deal with if you get a Realtor to sell your house.

Please note: We’ll have the attorney place the stated property into a Land Trust prior to closing.  A Land Trust provides security for both Seller and Buyer of the property.



We’ll connect you with one of our mortgage brokers to refinance you at the lowest rate.  You can withdraw up 70% of the equity and we make the monthly payments and pay you the remaining 25% of the balance off in monthly payments.  



We can do our partner share program.  This is where we don’t pay any money upfront.  You sign a partnership agreement with us to split the profits 50/50.  We make all of the repairs and sell the house.  After the house gets sold, we split the profits 50/50 minus the cost of all of the expenses.



We try to help everyone but some cases just can’t be helped.  If were unable to help you and your situation than we’ll refer you to a good realtor to list your home on the market.

About Us:

Welcome to Probity Realty. We’re a group of local investors with over 30years of experience that specializes in buying houses in your area. We can buy your house in As-Is condition and pay cash. Our process is quick and easy. We offer 5 different creative financing solutions to buy your house.

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