Frequently Asked Questions


Selling your house is a complicated task.  If you have any questions about selling your house or our leasing program, these are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our service.

Q.  Are you a real estate agent and How much do you charge?

A.  No where real estate investors acting in our own interest but there are some of us who are licensed realtors.  We don’t charge you any fees or commissions.  We make our money after we resell the house.

Q.  What type of houses do you buy ? 

A.  We buy all types of houses.  Houses that need repairs, houses in foreclosure, houses with no equity, and pretty houses with expired listings.

Q.  If I’m in a foreclosure can you still by my house?

A.  Yes, we can still buy your house even in foreclosure as long as it hasn’t gone to auction yet.  

Q.  How does the process work if I decide to sell you my house ?

A.  If you decide to accept our offer we’ll get a title search done, then we’ll get an inspection scheduled, and if everything comes back clear we’ll schedule a date and time to go to closing.  The whole process usually takes about 30 days.  Click Here 

Q.  Can you make me an offer without seeing the house?  

A.  Yes, we can make you an offer without seeing the house but if we do it would be a really low offer because we can’t see the inside of it and tell what work needs to be done.  

Q.  Can you buy my house if it’s listed with a Realtor agent ? 

A.  Generally we don’t buy houses listed with realtors because your under a contract with the realtor, but if the price is right than anything is possible.    

Q.  How long does it take for me to get my money? 

A.  You’ll get your money when we close and on most houses we can usually close within 1-3 weeks.      

Q.  If a Realtor couldn’t sell my house how is it that you can sell my house?  

A.  #1 We’re not Realtors we’re investors.  When you sell your house to us, your SELLING DIRECTLY TO US.  We’re not listing houses on the MLS. We buy houses at a discount fix em up and resell them at a discount.  If your house doesn’t need fixing up we’ll buy it with a lease option to get you your Full Asking Price and have one of our buyers working with a mortage broker.   

Q.  What if my mortgage has a “Due on Sale” clause ? If I sign it over to you, won’t the mortgage company foreclose?”

A.  NO…. 99.9% of all mortgages in the nation have “Due on Sale” clauses built into them as standard language. It says that if you sell your house without paying off your mortgage, they have the right to foreclose. We have purchased and sold over 3,000 homes “Subject To” over the last 10 years and have NEVER had a lender foreclose on one of our properties for this reason. The reason they don’t is, because WE ALWAYS MAKE OUR PAYMENTS…

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Welcome to Probity Realty. We’re a group of local investors with over 30years of experience that specializes in buying houses in your area. We can buy your house in As-Is condition and pay cash. Our process is quick and easy. We offer 5 different creative financing solutions to buy your house.

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